Whether you're leasing or own a home, it's always good to have access to news and updates regarding what's going on in the economy especially those that affect real estate.  In addition it's always good to have access to tips on how to take care of things at home.

Every week, we at 3Keys have a blog full of information. Not only news of today but also tips on things that affect our household.  We also share some information or specials that may help you save some money during certain seasons. Click HERE to be taken directly to the blog site or click on the category links you're interested in.

Current Events and News Regarding Economy - This is where you can find some of the latest news and information going on around us.  

Home Care - Articles and tips on how to take care of different things around the home.  From do it yourself tips or product tips that can help maintain your home. (Don't forget if there's an issue on a home you're leasing from 3Keys, don't hesitate to contact us at (425) 449-5990). 

Buy or Sell Homes - Are you considering of buying your own home?   This is where you will find numerous tips on buying or selling real estate along with some of the latest news that affect the real estate industry.

Invest In Real Estate -Tips, news, and articles on investing in real estate. 

Enjoy and if you have any request or questions regarding real estate feel free to contact Larry Mandel at (425) 313-9090 or email at lmandel@topfloorhomes.com