Preparing Your Property to Rent

3KEYS wants your property to look its best to attract prospective tenants and compete successfully with area rentals. The 3KEYS management team will contact you to discuss property details and any necessary maintenance.

Here are good places to start:

  • Professionally clean carpets
  • Clean hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets (remember to clean underneath)
  • Clean toilets, showers/tubs; polish faucets and mirrors
  • Clean all closets
  • Clean washer and dryer, inside and out
  • Make sure all plumbing is working properly and drains are draining
  • Repair broken windows or doors
  • Clean patios, decks, and walkways
  • Clean and sweep garages; make sure garage doors work properly

For a more extensive list contact 3KEYS by calling 425-449-5990.