Top Floor Real Estate was created by seasoned agents and brokers who studied widespread customer comments and criticisms, matched those needs to available technologies and realized that a new kind of Real Estate is now possible. Together they developed a revolutionary business plan that replaces old practices with new technologies and works more effectively with the emerging economy. Top Floor allows you to choose which services you want when buying or selling a home and you still get professional service on par with the very best in the industry. The result of offering choices has been all the designers hoped for: a simpler, safer real estate business with less hassle, fewer complications and more realistic costs for both clients and agents.

Make the Right Choice

More buyers and sellers choose Top Floor because Top Floor’s professionalism and flexibility have made this company unique in the real estate industry. Top Floor’s seasoned, well trained agents have become expert at using technology and tailoring innovative methods that serve the exact requirements of their clients.

10 advantages you will find at Top Floor

  1. A company focused on efficiency and on saving you money and time
  2. The right to choose and to pay for only those services you want
  3. A team trained in and applying the latest, best technology
  4. Your property being advertised on over 50 real estate websites
  5. A flexible agent, experienced enough to meet your exacting needs
  6. An agent who stays in touch and will be constantly at your service
  7. A thorough knowledge of current marketing conditions
  8. Paperless operations that streamline negotiations and transactions
  9. The security of being served by the most experienced professionals
  10. A simpler, safer, modern real estate business with less hassle, fewer complications and more realistic costs.

Choose a company with fresh expertise and the experience to put your sale or purchase together exactly the way you want it. Choose Top Floor.

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