Maintenance Services Program

Preventive maintenance

The best approach to maintenance is preventive maintenance, and this is the 3KEYS policy. We start with educating the tenant by:

  • Completing a detailed 3KEYS Rental Agreement that includes a thorough outline of what the tenant responsibilities regarding maintenance are as well as what owner obligations are.
  • Giving tenants the 3KEYS Tenant Handbook provides additional instructions on the care of the property and how to report maintenance issues. We want the tenant to know from the beginning that 3KEYS expects them to care for the property. This approach can prevent costly maintenance.
  • All of our maintenance and repairs are handled by our company, 3KEYS Maintenance Services. By having our own company managing the work orders we are able to have better quality control, get repairs done more quickly, and reduce cost to you. When a licensed specialist, such as a plumber or electrician, is required, 3KEYS Maintenance Services will contract and supervise the work.

Once a property has been cleaned and placed on the market for rent, it needs to be freshened up every two weeks. Our Vacancy Maintenance Program sends a Service Tech to the property to perform light cleaning, pick up newspapers, change air fresheners, and remove any light debris and weeds at a cost of $45 per visit plus any materials used. This service is provided automatically for every vacant property unless a property owner opts out of the program and prefers to maintain their vacant property themselves.

Current Tenants

Do you need something repaired? Submit a repair request to Our Three Keys Maintenance Services group will contact you.

Do you have an emergency repair need? Call our emergency repair hotline at (425) 449-5990.