Managing Your Property

Our staff includes experienced licensed property managers, marketing specialists, maintenance and repair crews.Each property is assigned to one of our professional property managers who can answer any questions you may have. Your property manager will be the contact person for your renters regarding any issues that they may have.

We conduct a full credit, criminal, employment, sex offenders and landlord check on all applicants. Security deposits are held in a trust account, per Washington State license law, and are distributed back to the tenant at the end of their lease term. (Less the cost of repairs from tenant damages)

Once your property has been rented we spend extra time with the tenant making sure that they understand our expectations regarding rent payments, late or insufficient funds fees, maintenance issues, the care of the home, and good neighbor policies.

Tenant rent is submitted to 3KEYS automatically on the 1st day of every month. This means we can get your money to you quicker on a more consistent schedule.

With the 3KEYS state-of-the-art management and accounting program, property owners can access their account information at any time to see up-to-date work orders and rent receipts. When it comes to sending you your monthly rental income, we have the fastest system available and can deliver your check directly to a bank account of your choice.

Your property gets periodic inspections to be sure the residents are taking proper care of it. We're always looking for ways to reduce maintenance and repair costs.0To reduce outsourcing and save money for our clients, Three Keys Maintenance Services, our own company,0handles most0of the repair and maintenance issues. By managing repairs and maintenance ourselves we have been able to negotiate discounts for most parts and supplies, and keep our labor costs down. It is our pledge to you that we will always find the most cost-effective way to do repairs on your property. After all, your property is an investment and it's our job to protect that investment.